Tuesday, April 17, 2012

10 for Tuesday: My favorite self made projects!

I was raking my brain to think of something I could do every now and then that would be fun or educational or even just a great way to post things. I got to thinking about how much I like when some of the blogs I follow do top ten lists, because everyone loves a top ten list! So here it is: 10 for Tuesday!

In an effort to help you guys get to know me, this week I am posting my favorite knit/crochet projects that I have made! I feel it is appropriate to help you see my ability, and what type of projects I like to do! Here goes nothing! (The links in their title lead you to my ravelry page for each project where you can learn more about them)

This project is crocheted. I made this for Elizabeth's first Christmas. It is very cute!

This is a knit item, I wore for mine and Greg's wedding! I love it for so many reasons!

These are crocheted, the pattern is one of The Lovely Crows (same as E's Cowgirl Hat!)

This is knit, and also is the only one done. I hope to have mine and Elizabeth's to add to it by this Christmas!

This is a horrible picture, but the hat is knit. I made it to keep my friend Chelsea's head warm after she cut her hair REALLY short.

This is a knit scarf that I made for my brother Jon for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier.  It's perfect for him because straight on, it looks like a regular striped scarf, you can only see the image from an angle. 

This is crocheted. This is also the second attempt. See my previous post for the first attempt. I'm going to add a ribbon/braid option to it at some point.

My brother Jon loves Zebras. I crocheted him this as practice for the animals I hope to make for Elizabeth as well! He likes it, and Elizabeth does too!

I knit this for Elizabeth. Isn't it precious? Can you believe she's grown out of it already!?

This is my absolute favorite project that I have ever knit. I absolutely love cables, and the lace work on the leaf border are just beautiful! My only complaint about the whole thing is that it is too tiny for me to use, and I'm afraid that Elizabeth will hurt it and not have it forever like I want her to! Eventually, I am going to make an adult size for Greg.

 There it is. My top ten favorite projects I've made; at least that I can think of. I took them off of my Ravelry account which does not have everything I've ever made on it. I know that if I am nuts about something though, it goes on there. So really, it's be a good a judge of my favorite projects I've ever made too.

I hope you're all having a great Tuesday!

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