Sunday, April 15, 2012

Boot Scoot'n Good Time

Greg was a night-shifter when we started dating. Recently, he got moved to days! Yay for us! It has been awesome! We get to eat meals together! And not to mention sleep next each other at night! But anyway, yesterday was the Saturday that we have both been off since he got switched to days so we made a great day of it! We hung out, made BLTs for lunch, and I made this:

Which I then turned into this:

This is a pattern, Boot Scoot'n Cowboy Hat, from The Lovely Crow (this is a link to her Etsy Shop), I love her patterns! She does BEAUTIFUL work, and you may see me use them often! They are easy to read and she also does videos for any part that may be difficult to understand. She is just terrific! 
I followed the directions, [Correction, I did not follow the directions. In my excitement, I bought two skeins in order to double strand it, but I guess I forgot. It's only a single strand; which may expalin why it doesn't fit! I'm reattempting it now, properly!] I did a swatch, used the measurements the Dr took of E's head last week and made her a size 6-12 month hat. Well, I'm learning (since I'm still rather new to crocheting), that I crochet tighter on projects then I do swatches. This does not fit my little girl's noggin! 

But at least she's not upset about it! 

We went to my bestie's, Chelsea, for dinner last night, and when I put E in her car seat she made me smile!

She really wanted me to drop her toys down! I had a hard time getting her strapped in!

Chelsea has two dogs, Roxi and Cloud. I don't know how they know, but some animals just know to be delicate around little ones. We had Elizabeth lying on their big chair & ottoman (she was less likely to be trampled by the puppies this way) and Roxi just laid next to her and let her pet her! It was so cute. Of course, by the time I got out my camera, Roxi was trying to get a little closer.

Elizabeth did not mind her puppy kisses at all! I think it helps that Greg and I have a cat, Snickers, and two (large) dogs, Zeus and Juno (or Juice and Zuno, depending on who you ask) as well. Although the dogs don't really get too close to her yet, Snickers will let Elizabeth pet her and even pull on Snickers' ears! 

Chelsea made us pasta with meat sauce (with garlic bread, of course) and it was divine. 
Greg and I supplied dessert, Betty Crocker's Fun Da-Middles cupcakes. They are so great, and I love them because I don't get icing everywhere; it's on the inside! 

They usually have a very plain exterior (since you don't icing the top), so this time I decided to add some mini chocolate chips! I think they turned out well! 
Side note: I made these for Easter at Greg's parents' house. We added icing on the top (in addition to what's inside), and it was way too much! Not only that, but on one or two that I had I could only taste the icing on top. We did use complimentary flavors to the chocolate, strawberry on half and orange on the rest.

On our way home last night, Elizabeth fell asleep in the car. I put her straight to bed since it was well past our bedtime, and the little tyke went straight to sleep!

Hanging out with mom and dad all day, and the going to Aunt Chelsea's must have been so tiring! 

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